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Every now and then a company comes along that sets a new standard. The Mobile DJ Service reinvented how music should be played at your wedding: the way you want it. It’s that simple.

Rocking over 25 weddings per year, The Mobile DJ Service features an impeccable and unmatched DJ roster led by owner and head DJ, Shawn Stokes. Both professional and fun, I play in front of over 2000 people a month….and make them jump up and down.

Today, The Mobile DJ Service is one of the leading DJ companies in the Portland area. Instead of having hundreds of DJs playing at a huge quantity of weddings, I individually aim to create perfection for your unique event. 

How we do it:   • Play your playlist   • Follow your itinerary   • Dance the Night Away!

Let us create the perfect soundtrack to the biggest night of your life.

Customize your Package

The packages here at The Mobile DJ Service are fully customized to fit your budget, wants and needs. DJ services for the 4 hour reception only.

If you need a DJ for the reception only, check the Gold package. If you need more, customize your package the way you need it.

  • Gold Wedding Package: 

    •  Wedding reception for the first 4 hours. Includes playing requested music with 1000 watts of sound and 2 microphones. For up to 300 guests. Basic light package. 

  • Upgrade to Incredible Club Dance Lights: $100.00

  • Extra sound (for over 300 people): $150.00

  • Ceremony Package: $120.00

    • Includes 2 speakers, 1 mic and 1 lapel mic. Up to 200 guests.

  • Performance Ceremony Package  $250.00 

    • Ceremony Package plus up to 5 more mics for performers during ceremony.

  • Travel outside of Portland area: $0.55/mile.

I am not your stereotypical “Wedding DJ.”  I won’t be pulling your guests out of their chair (I let the music do that), or playing games and talking all night on the mic — The Mobile DJ Service offers amazing music and the soundtrack to the biggest night of your life.

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